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Genovese, classe 1976, mamma del raggio e della monella. Campionessa di tetris nell'incastrare impegni scolastici, sportivi e terapeutici del raggio col mio lavoro e la vita famigliare. Vivo giorno per giorno ed il mio motto è "Mai arrendersi!"

15 Things: My amazing places

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People who have a difficult time differentiating one musical note from another may have a hard time singing on key. However, there are ways of overcoming or compensating for this. The plasticity of the brain is quite amazing.

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My Bedside Table: The Curator

A balanced composition feels right. It feels stable and aesthetically pleasing. While some of its elements might be focal points and attract your eye, no one area of the composition draws your eye so much that you can’t see the … Continua a leggere

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Once a small travel blog for you

Necessity is indeed an effective mother of invention—motivation and exercising a clever and concentrated approach are needed to succeed at something that’s difficult. It’s not enough to try to draw a tree every day.

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