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Genovese, classe 1976, mamma del raggio e della monella. Campionessa di tetris nell'incastrare impegni scolastici, sportivi e terapeutici del raggio col mio lavoro e la vita famigliare. Vivo giorno per giorno ed il mio motto è "Mai arrendersi!"

Contemporary OutDoor Culture

It’s true that in some environments, the practice of creative skills isn’t encouraged and may be actively discouraged. In some places, schools may present such environments.If parents can provide more opportunities for this, that would help.

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Photographer to Inspire: Andel Afamger

The literature on creativity suggests that there are at least a few personality traits that promote creative behavior, such as openness, a willingness to take risks and an ability to tolerate ambiguity and cope with novel situations.

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Coconut coffee milk ice cream

They were both Chinese immigrants to America—my father was a mechanic and my mother took care of the family. They taught me to work hard, take opportunities, accept responsibility and eschew cowardice, less by explicit direction and more by implicit … Continua a leggere

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