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Genovese, classe 1976, mamma del raggio e della monella. Campionessa di tetris nell'incastrare impegni scolastici, sportivi e terapeutici del raggio col mio lavoro e la vita famigliare. Vivo giorno per giorno ed il mio motto è "Mai arrendersi!"

Exploring the New York

Ever wondered if your lack of artistic ability was due to your parents’ mathematical-minded genetics or their refusal to sign you up for after-school art classes? Or how your friend was a piano prodigy despite her dad barely being able … Continua a leggere

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Private Estate Wedding

Some believe that hereditary factors are responsible for one family producing generations of musical virtuosos, while others suggest that our cultural and environmental surroundings play a larger role than genetics.

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Weekend with Friend

Human nature is a broad term that encompasses many qualities. Creativity is less a general or amorphous quality and more a very specific capacity to exercise a specific set of skills. Is everyone born with the potential to develop these … Continua a leggere

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