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Genovese, classe 1976, mamma del raggio e della monella. Campionessa di tetris nell'incastrare impegni scolastici, sportivi e terapeutici del raggio col mio lavoro e la vita famigliare. Vivo giorno per giorno ed il mio motto è "Mai arrendersi!"

10 words about my best vacation

Nowadays, a family is simply a network of people who care for each other. It can contain hundreds or two. You can be born into one or build your own. Membership can be gained through genetics, friendship, geographic proximity, work … Continua a leggere

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For friday night

In our current society, real family values have nothing to do with where we live or how we know each other—they’re about how we treat each other. Now there’s a concept worthy of a cheesy half hour of television.

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A sense of space

Assuming you were both about the same size, you were able to easily balance on the seesaw. The following image appears to be in balance, with two equally sized people equally distant from the fulcrum on which the seesaw balances.

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